Patient Testimonials

C. N. -5/12/2010

Living in Hawaii we are blessed with fantastic weather throughout the year.  For years I have enjoyed the outdoors by surfing and running at least several times a week as a balance to my primarily office-based finance career.  Without much attention to proper form and the strengthening and stability muscles and my core, I noticed aches and pains in my neck and upper back.  I would live with the pain most of the time, and incorrectly viewed it as part of the lifestyle of being active.  However, as this persisted, the pain grew unbearable to the point that most runs would be cut short in 10 minutes due to upper back pain.  Soon my health deteriorated and weight increased due to the lack of cardiovascular training.  I had enough.  Seeking professional guidance I decided to see Jana Kay. Throughout our sessions, we were able to identify the problem areas and strengthen the muscles to prevent future discomfort.  Furthermore, we engaged in indentifying the proper motions for various activities from running and paddling to typing and mouse movements.  Since, my activity level has never been better.  My running and surfing are at their highest levels, and aches and pains drastically diminished.  Jana’s therapy sessions were truly life-changing.  Mahalo Jana!

P. L.- 1/16/2010

Aches and pains become a reality when one becomes a senior citizen.  I went to Jana Kay to address some long term pains in my back and shoulder and she fixed them both, along with another long time problem.  I’d begun to notice balance problems when walking my dog.  The thought of taking a fall and breaking a bone had moved forward in my thinking.  I never thought much about how I walked.  When I was younger, wearing high heels was treacherous…I was often turning my right foot under me.  Skiing…weighting the right ski took a real bit of courage.  But now I’m a senior citizen, and just walking, I drift to the left.  Jana found that I was placing my weight on the outside of my right foot, actually crossing the midline in the process.  Using the Pilates equipment, I could see and feel the correction and have been able to carry that out of her office and into my life.  I don’t wear high heels anymore, but I’m willing to bet that I could without turning my ankle.

My original problem, the shoulder pain, was fixed by doing the Gyrotonic exercises.  I’ve noticed a change in the profile of my shoulders, they are more relaxed.  Previously, they tended to go up toward my ears.  The lower back pain appears to have been a very tight muscle on the right side of the lower back.  She had me on another piece of Pilates equipment and suddenly, I could feel a stretching of that muscle.  It was really a remarkable feeling.  The pain has not returned in 6 months.

M. M. – 3/22/2010

Until I was struck by a 17 foot boat that flipped over on my head during heavy surf operations, I lived an extremely active, athletic lifestyle.  On that day, July 1, 2004, my life as I knew it—ended.  I couldn’t sleep—couldn’t even carry a jug of milk—I was in so much pain.  As a result of this accident and also from previous high-intensity sports injuries, I suffer from numerous issues throughout my body:  a herniated disc in my neck, knees that have seen multiple surgeries, pain in my shoulders also affected my neck, and ankles with years and year of sprains/strains.  Over the years, I have received excellent physical therapy that brought me back to being able to function.  Initially, I was doing aqua therapy, but as I graduated to doing land-based therapy, I began dabbling in Pilates.  This is where Jana Kay came into my life.  She was another physical therapist at the aqua therapy clinic and when she saw me working on the Pilates reformer, she began giving me pointers—that truly made a difference.  The other physical therapists at the clinic even said that her Pilates knowledge was above and beyond anyone there.

Upon completion of my aqua therapy, I had yet to really lead an active lifestyle.  I heard from my therapist that Jana had started her own clinic and that I should seek her out.  Because of her extensive background in physical therapy and her excellent knowledge in Pilates, I knew that this was the next step that I needed.  Furthermore, I knew of her history of injuries and that this helps her to identify with others’ pain/needs as patients—from those who can hardly move to those who are extremely athletic—she knows how to work with you.

When I began seeing Jana for Pilates physical rehabilitation, I had a muscle connecting to each knee that I had never been able to use in my  life, my body was twisted off kilter, I would wake up every morning to a sharp, catching pain in my back—unable to bend over unless I laid down on the floor to pop it, my ankles and shoulders were very weak, my neck stiff, painful and unable to handle much of a load, my posture bad, and in particular, my core muscles weak.  A firm believer in full body integration and core strengthening, she helped me the next step—one that I had never been able to let go of—an active lifestyle once again.

When Jana began working with me, I would shake I was so weak, and now, I an able to use, actually SEE, that muscle along my inner thigh (once non-existent) working and my balance and strength have improved in every part of my body.  During our sessions, she had me using muscles I didn’t even know were there!  I can now wake up in the morning and get out of bed without that sharp pain plaguing my back everyday, and crazy as it may seem, with my improved posture, I have gained an inch in my height!  Working with Jana has further toned my body and helped me to be more conscious of how I move throughout the day.  And now?  I am back to a much more active lifestyle.  I can play outside once more and not be plagued by increased pain or exacerbated injury with every activity.  Now, I am a much happier, healthier person for the rehabilitation that Jana guided me through.  Jana has been a part of a major turning point in my life, she has helped give back my life and she deserves my highest recommendation!

One thought on “Patient Testimonials

  1. Jana has a great positive energy about her, and she is very knowledgeable about energy and physical therapy and health. She is the type of person you want on your team to get better and it is very clear that she cares about her clients. She has guided me to help me with my pain in my body and live a more clear life energetically and physically. She is truly gifted healer and can see and feel people’s pain in their body and energetic field. Jana is one of the best physical therapists on the island and you will see results quickly. You will see your life transform as she will help you shape your pain, ailments and blockages energetically. I have chronic pain, fibromyalgia from a severe car accidents and I feel myself in less chronic pain,sleeping regularly and with an ability to walk and move when i couldn’t even move.

    She addresses all questions directly and honestly and takes the time to ensure you understand what is going on with your health. I’ve been heading down the wrong road going to all kinds of medical doctors taking drugs and trying every kind of alternative therapy only to find temporary solution She’s a fabulous doctor, and I would recommend her to my closest family and friends and I do! Check her out you won’t regret it.

    Lauren McKinney, Marriage and Family Therapist, MA CSAC

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